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Staying Focused


Staying Focused


I apologize for the hiatus in posts. I went through one of those periods of "bloggers block". I seem to run out of things to say. Aspects of what we do at CFVP sometimes seem to get blurred together and all thoughts and ideas seem repetitive. Part of my job is to represent what goes on here at CrossFit through our website and occasionally, I have to re focus.

We believe that our fitness is superior in developing physical capacity, confidence, and community. We witness this through measureable improvement.  We see proof in how our athletes change, carry themselves, and become different people. In all of my years as a personal trainer, I have never seen so many people change. You, the athlete, often overlook little things in yourself. We see it all. I can tell you with confidence that you are all a part of a fitness revolution. You are experiencing things that can only take place inside our walls at CrossFit Valley Park. Our program demands more and you deliver. As we get ready to conclude 2008, start focusing on your new year. Visualize your goals, try new things, and never say "I can't". Focus on your goals and let them remind you of why you keep showing up. Keep friends and family in mind that have let themselves fall victim to poor diet and inactivity. The best gift you can give them is encouragement to help themselves.

We can't tell you all enough how much we appreciate you and your efforts. Just as your fitness experience with CrossFit is more rewarding than many other athletes in other gyms, our experience as trainers is something rare and rewarding. You make our jobs worth having.  

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