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Krysta Krysta 2

Every exercise begins with a starting position and finish position. These should be clearly defined, practiced, and perfected. Exercise movements occur when we move from start to finish. These should also be drilled into your neuromuscular memory. The press and push press are fundamental movements designed to create strength and power. Krysta displays some nice positions here.

  • When pressing overhead, take a grip so that your thumbs sit just on the outside of your deltoid. Keep the bar high and supported by keeping the wrists flexed and elbows just in front of the bar. Keep the feet under the hips, legs tight, glutes tight, and eyes straight ahead.
  • The Push Press in initiated with a dip. Krysta displays a nice dip with knees slightly forward and hips back. She is loaded. The torso is upright. Remain vertical. The only thing I would like to see is the bar supported a bit higher. It has drifted forward in the picture. With heavy loads, that will feel very uncomfortable.
  • The drive occurs with a rapid change of direction into an upward "jump." This ammortization phase should be as fast as possible. Let this movement create velocity on the bar and finish with a locked out press overhead. Krysta's finish position is nice with the bar over the base, or mid-foot.

This Sunday we will be having the Games participants go through a workout at 10 a.m. Come out to cheer them on and wish them luck at the MidWest Regionals. We'll have some food to follow. Feel free to bring family and friends.

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