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St. Louis Affiliate Cup!


St. Louis Affiliate Cup!

Well here's the big announcement. The workouts will be explained here in short. Details can be downloaded. Good Luck Everyone!

Download Affiliate Cup Workouts Final

Download Affiliate Cup Schedule Final

Workout #1 "Loathing on the Levee"

-Heats of 4 teams will run to one of 4 stations. The first member of any team claims a station. The first to get there will have an advantage.

-Teams will be told QUICKLY what their first task is. When the task is finished, they will move to a turnaround point and return to their station where they will be told QUICKLY what the 2nd task is.

-Upon completion of the 2nd task, they will sprint to the finish. The clock stops when ALL members cross the finish line.

Workout #2 "Vendetta"

-Teams will run in staggered starts. We will only break to switch to scaled teams.

-Teams will push a loaded SUV about 150 meters. They will then run another 150 meters into the gym.

-Partners will perform 50 deadlifts, partitioned as needed. 50 partner lunges with the barbell, NOT partitioned, then 50 barbell push-ups, partitioned as needed.

Final Workout "Unbreakable"

-This is a total rep score workout with 5 stations. 4 teams will stagger athletes into the chain.

-The first 4 stations are 1 minute with a 30 second rest in-between stations.

-Station 1 is dead hang ring pull-ups (Rx'd) and ring body rows (scaled).

-Station 2 is thrusters.

-Station 3 is FULL SQUAT box jumps.

-Station 4 is Kettlebell Ground to Overhead, Single Arm.

-Station 5 is Rowing for calories (athletes 1 and 3) and burpees (athletes 2 and 4). Athletes will move IMMEDIATELY into this station from the kettlebell. There is no 30 second rest period. The workout ends exactly 2 minutes after athlete #4 finishes the Kettlebell station.

-This is a 12 minute workout.

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  1. Little guys with whiplash dlveieries always scare me. Im not Rick Peterson, maybe Im making a big to-do about nothing, but I still have a nagging feeling in my gut that Lincecum either breaks down or just wears down. I like Felixs build way better, Ill take whatever small stepdown in terms of stuff he represents.

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