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St. Louis Affiliate Championship


St. Louis Affiliate Championship

CFVP Members, We are starting 2013 off with a chance for you to compete. Some of the local affiliates have arranged a local team competition. The date is Saturday, January 19th. The location is CrossFit St. Louis. Here are the details so far.



– Registration will cost $30 per athlete and an eventbrite sign-up will
be coming sometime next week.

– This is an invite only competition. We have and will continue to try
and include every interested gym that we possibly can.

No coaches or gym owners are allowed to compete (but are
encouraged to volunteer and judge!). IE, if you coach even ONE class at your
box…you're out!

– Each gym will be allowed 2 teams, one Intermediate and one Rx. They
will consist of two girls and two guys.

– The winning gym of the Championship will be decided by the best
average between their intermediate and Rx teams (see below for guidelines on
intermediate vs Rx).
– The event will be held on January 19th (Saturday) at CrossFit St.

The following is information to help guide you to Rx'd or scaled category. Look over the requirements. If you meet or exceed 5 or more of the requirements, you are Rx'd. Period. You will see percentages the can be simply calulated from your 1 rep max numbers. YOU ARE KEEPING YOUR NUMBERS RIGHT?
Deadlift <175% BW / <115%
Power Clean <125%BW
/ <80%BW
Strict Press <70% BW / <50% BW
Ring Dips <10 unassisted / <10 unassisted
1k row 3:30+ / 3:50+
Pull-ups (w/ kip) <20 / <15
Front Squat <125%
/ <80%
Fran >4:00 / >4:00
Nancy >14:00 / >14:00
Double Unders (no limit, but expect to see them!)