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Spirit of the Games Day


Spirit of the Games Day

Let's celebrate our intrepid friends by having a "Spirit of the Games" day on Saturday. We will stretch, warm up then get two wods in.

W.O.D. #1 "Thunder" 20 pull-ups, 20 kb swings, rest 30 seconds, 25 pull-ups, 25 kb swings, rest 30 seconds, 30 pull-ups, 30 kb swings.

Rest 10 min

W.O.D. #2  

"In Between" 1-10 reps of thrusters, in between each set, perform 10 sit-ups, 8 push-ups, 6 squats

Best time as  RX'd men and women win "T" shirts (when we get them in).


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  1. Mike Shaw

    Affiliate Deadlift/Pistol/Row Heat Listing

    ***ALL 6 Team Members will be working in this event****
    Team will line up in a single file line.
    Each movement is As many reps as possible in 1min (cals for rowing), with 1min rests as they move through to the next movement
    They will end with a max OH jerk

    Hard to explain without showing, but the first person will DL for 1min while the rest of the team stand in a line behind him/her. 1st person moves up and rests while the second person DL's for 1 min…
    1st person then moves to pistols…2nd person rests and 3rd person DL's..etc

    When the 1st person is done rowing, they can proceed to find their jerk 1RM

    Affiliate Deadlift/Pistol/Row Heat Listing
    Heat 1 / 13:00 PDT
    311 CrossFit Athlete Inside
    313 CrossFit Auckland
    331 CrossFit King of Prussia
    333 CrossFit Local
    343 CrossFit Rebel SA
    352 CrossFit Townsville
    355 CrossFit Valley Park
    359 CrossFit Winnipeg
    369 Ute CrossFit

  2. Mike Shaw

    I'm pretty sure PISTOLS are the make or break movement this year. I'm watching this heat first hand and the pistol station is rough 🙁

  3. mshaw

    There was an announcement before the start of the 2nd WOD, that only the top 48 teams would advance.
    According to the online leader board, CFVP is in 63rd place after 2 WOD's.

  4. Melissa Schwab

    It was absolutely awesome watching you all compete live! I was so proud of your heart! You totally rock! Thanks for representing all of us at the games!


  5. dan

    Well we came up short for a shot into saturday. The first wod was brutal and the heavy thrusters really hurt us. The 2nd wod threw in a movement that we just never practice. Pistols! The girls did great to get us some reps. The max overhead played to our strength but we just didn't manage the short time we had to let everyone get a shot at their max. The 285 felt like warm up and the girls barely had time to do one rep. Going first heat didn't help. No excuses, just motivation to come back stronger next year. I am extremely proud of our team. Getting here was an accomplishment in itself. Thank you all for your support!! We'll see you back in the gym.

  6. Melissa K.

    So proud of the CFVP team! It was so exciting to watch our team compete. I was able to watch the second WOD live and the announcer had great things to say about Dan's deadlifts! Way to go, team. You guys are awesome!

  7. Jared VA

    Awesome job and way to represent CFVP, great finish or not. You all gave everything you had and you did CFVP and all of St. Louis crossfit very proud. Congrats and safe trip home!

  8. Paul Cegon

    So proud of all of you! Not many people can say that they made it to the big show. You earned a spot there competing with the fittest.

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