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Special Thanks


Special Thanks

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As I browse through the numerous great pictures (thanks Kirsten!) and video from the weekend I'd like to take a moment to thank our judges. Brandon Jackson and Orie Shafer had the toughest job of all and they did a spectacular job! They counted repetitions, judged ROM standards, and timed each event. Perhaps the toughest part was watching close friends struggle! Thanks guys.

Aromas here we come! The results are in and I will save this for the next post. The best way to describe this past weekend is with a picture slide show, video, and written recap. All coming soon.

8 Responses

  1. Court

    Brandon and orie-you guys are awesome. Dan-thanks for putting it all together. It was a blast in a sick kind of way…Great job to all.

  2. I loved being a part of it all this weekend. Hat's off to all the athletes. There were so many inspiring moments. Congrats to CFVP for a great event!



  3. Corey

    Everything this weekend was amazing. Brandon, Orie, Dan and everyone else involved in this amazing event thank you. The supporters than came out deserve a huge thank you also!

  4. Herb

    Congratulations to everyone. Dan's posts read like an adventure novel. I wish I could have been there, but a heartfelt congratulations will have to do!

  5. Karen

    Orie and Brandon you guys kept us honest! You had a tough job and you did it well. It was an amazing weekend and thanks Dan for all the hard work you put in to this incredible event! I speak for us all when we say it was an experience we won't forget! I could not have gotten through it without out all the supporters! Thanks to you all!

  6. Jon

    I have to agree, judging is the toughest part. It can't be easy to stand around watching people sweat through their clothes and struggle to breathe, then have to tell them that the last rep didn't count. But here's the secret (shhhh!): No one WANTS the rep to count if it shouldn't. So thanks for your courage, Brandon and Orie, and keep calling us out if you see anything at the gym!

  7. Sharon

    Congratulations to everyone who competed!! Everyone was remarkable in strength and determination! It was very exciting to witness! You’ll be awesome at the CF Games!!

  8. Melissa

    Wow! Athletes, coaches and organizers~I'm so proud, impressed and inspired. Honestly, there is no place I would've rather been this weekend. I cannot find the words to describe how amazing the entire weekend was. To know that I'm part of something so special is a wonderful feeling. Thank you!

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