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Brian 2

"Someone ate my Ben and Jerry's?"

Our team is off to Denver today. We'll keep you updated! Friday we will do a WOD in honor of Amanda Miller. Get through the pain.

WOD "Two Guns"

-Grab Two Kettlebells or Dumbbells and Go!

-5 Rounds for Time

-10 KB Front Squats

-10 KB OH Presses

-10 KB Walking Lunges

-10 KB Thrusters

-150 Meter Run (Carrying your Guns!!!)


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  1. Kim Wilkes

    Great WOD Dan. I wonder if we'll get our first Girl Hero WOD.
    Good luck in Denver. I so wish I could be there to root all our St. Louis teams on.

  2. Good luck CFVP – I know you will kick butt. Wish I was going to be there to do the Amanda WOD – what a courageous lady. Would someone mind doing 5 extra rounds for me?

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