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Skill Challenge for Week 2


Skill Challenge for Week 2

The skill challenge this week for the CFVP/Bar X Team Competition is a max distance broad jump. Each athlete will get 5 attempts. The distance will be measured in inches. Half inches will not count but instead be rounded up or down using .5

Workout of the Day
EMOM 6 Minutes
3 divebomber push-ups
5 Supermans
7 V-ups

OH Press
-Deload to 40-50% and do one set max effort
Lateral Lunge or OH Squat
-Pausing in the bottom of each rep for 5 seconds
-4 x 5 (5 each leg for Lateral Lunge)
-This is mobility focus but light weight may be used.

-The class will pick a triplet.
-The coach will design a 10 minute AMRAP based around the movements.

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