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Sid and Mike


Sid and Mike

Sid and Mike 

Many of you may not recognize Sid or Mike. I work with them one-on-one and they don't attend CrossFit classes. They are both in their 70's and have been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease. This doesn't stop them from performing functional movements that define our great program.

CrossFit declares that our needs differ in degree, not kind. Like everyone, Sid and Mike need the ability to move, lift, push, and pull. They have both chosen to improve the quality of their life through training movements. They have learned to  squat, deadlift, press, pull-up, push-up, lunge, row, and perform. They never hesitate to try anything and it gives me great pride and reward to help them accomplish their goals.

We often hear people use age as an excuse not to exercise. This kind of mentality is simply giving in and giving up. We are never to old to better ourselves physically and mentally. Do you hear this from people you care about when you tell them to start exercising? Tell them about Sid and Mike.

WOD "Speed Trap"

-For Time

-6 Rounds

-Row 250 Meters

-25 Squats

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