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Copy of St. Louis Marathon April 11, 2010 018

St. Louis Marathon April 11, 2010 029 

Sharon Dailey also ran in the St. Louis Marathon. Sharon never turns down a challenge. Here she is picured with her team. Way to go Sharon!

Stay tuned for a VERY special video later this evening.

Friday Strength/Skill Work: 3 Exercise Circuit. 4 Sets of each. OH press 4 X 6, OH lunge 4 X 6 (each leg), Russian twist 4 X 10 (each side).


-Run 400 M

-Row 400 M

-3 Rounds- 12 Dumbbell Thruster, 12 pull-ups

-Run 400 M

-Row 400 M



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  1. Trey

    Awesome Sharon…your drive to compete and sincere desire to see others excel as well ALWAYS impresses me! It's a honor to work out side-by-side with you.

  2. Sharon

    THANKS EVERYONE!!! CF and the CF Family inspire and challenge me every day and I love it!! Thanks Melissa & Dayna for encouraging me to do the first one three years ago!

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