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Sectionals are over and we appreciate everyone following along with the progress of CFVP. This will be the last post on the CrossFit Games until regionals. Our top 3 male and female athletes have decided to compete in the Affiliate Team division. Together they make up a well rounded team capable of making the podium. Only 3 teams will qualify in May. We will leave you with some numbers. Impressive numbers! Good luck team VP!

Male Division: 8,472 athletes. David Corthwaite finished 7th in the region and 64th in the world. Jake Howard finished 19th in the region and 153rd in the world. Cory Beurck finished 35th in the region and 340th in the world.

Female Division: 4,418 athletes. Tonya Charland finished 11th in the region and 94th in the world. Melissa Hurley finished 23rd in the region and 195th in the world. Margaret Junker finished 43rd in the region and 509th in the world.

Affiliate Teams: 631 Teams. CrossFit Valley Park finished 2nd in the region and 18th in the world.

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: "Black Box"

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  1. Sharon

    Awesome job by everyone – way to get it done!!!! Congratulations!!! So very proud of all of you!!! Good Luck Team CFVP!!

  2. Lisa Moore

    Awesome job. You all have worked so hard and clearly have earned your accomplishments. Now kick it in Chicago. 🙂

  3. Tonya

    CFVP Family…. You have changed 'saved' my life. Thanks for sharing in this journey. So thankful for the encouragement, accountablity, and support! ROCK ON VP!!

  4. David Cornthwaite

    Humbling to see all the great people in the CFVP community. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

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