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2012 CROSSFIT GAMES SECTIONALS: You will see a logo link on the top right hand side of our page. This is to register for any or all of the 5 week hosted events. Each week, starting on February 22nd, they will announce the workout. Each Saturday, one gym in the St. Louis area will host it. This simply provides a competitive atmosphere for you to compete. If you register for a day, you MUST attend or call the gym owner to cancel. They will be putting alot of work into planning the day and will need to know how many people are showing up. Remember CFVP will be a registered affiliate so you can perform here and have your score validated. We will have a set day/time each week where you can come in. Again, ANYONE can perform the workouts and we will let you modify as needed.  

SATURDAYS: Saturdays, including this week, will now be Metcon workouts only. We will warm up and go. These will be longer efforts and occasionally, a CrossFit Hero WOD. Remember what is required of longer efforts. You need to be smart and pay attention to breakdowns in form. You should be well rested and plan for rest the next day. Post workout nutrition is also very important. Enjoy!

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