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Trey rings 

Saturday Strength/Skill Work: OH Squat 5 x 3. WOD #1. Dead Hang Pull-ups 5 x 5. WOD #2. Stretch.

W.O.D. #1

-3 Rounds

-10 Squat Snatch (alternate OH Squat)

-10 Ring Dips (alternate push-up)

-10 Burpee/Broad Jump

W.O.D. #2

-3 Rounds

-10 Push Press

-10 Back Squat

-400 Meter Run

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  1. Melissa Schwab

    Just did this at home today. Thanks for posting the workouts….It's so nice to have a fallback since I can only make VP once a week. I liked the set up and the challenge of the two wods with the split skill. I hadn't ever done that before.

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