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Everyone has recieved an e-mail on our "Next Level Challenge." This is a great opportunity for all of you to reach a new level of fitness. We are going to show you how dialing in a proper diet will make all the difference. Please let us know if you have any questions.

CrossFit Valley Park will be launching a nutritional blog! This is long past due. This will be accesible through our main website. We'll provide daily posts on eating, recipes, training, tips, helpful links, and a chance for you to share your thoughts. Look for the "Next Level Nutrition" Blog starting soon!

Friday Strength/Skill Work: Front Squat 4 X 3. Alternate with power back squats. After your set of front squats rack the bar and go straight into a set of 6 power back squats with the same weight. Power back squats are distinguished by a very aggresive concentric contraction. Basically explode out of the bottom to full extension. Alternate the squat sequence with 1 or 2 rope climbs.

W.O.D. "Rotten to the Core"

-5 Rounds for time , using #45 or #33 lb. barbell.

-10 OH Squats

-10 Get-up sit ups (with barbell)

-10 Floor wipers (with barbell)

-10 KTE


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  1. Margaret

    speaking of recipes…and not to be a complete dork……I have all of the paleo cookbooks that I would be happy to lend to Valley Park for everyone to use. I've tried a bunch and they're not as bad as they sound! I'll get them to the gym and I encourage all of you to browse and get some new recipes to try out!!

  2. cliff

    Not as bad as they sound? That certainly doesn't give the impression that Paleo meals are designed to be aesthetically appealling and delicious. I can tell you nothing looks and tastes better than a lean protein and colorful veggies on a plate! The only meals that sound iffy are "organ" meats and this is simply a mentality thing. Americans are generall turned off by livers, thyroids, tongue, heart, brains, etc.

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