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Sandy Kalloas is a new member attending regular classes. Sandy is a great athlete who always carries a smile on her face. Welcome to the family Sandy.

Although Youtube quality seems to be better, they often disable audio due to copyright issues. Yes it happened to us today. So Vimeo it is. Enjoy video from the first team WOD from the St. Louis Affiliate Cup.


Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Find your 1 rep max OH Press and Deadlift. W.O.D. "Fran"


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  1. Jim Avery

    Dan or anyone else do you know why TNT's banner has a 714 area code? That is from S. California. Look at the begining of the video and their phone number isn't a St Louis number.

  2. This is Rochelle, owner of TNT. And yes, you are right, it is an OC number. I had that banner before we moved into our new place and got a phone. So I only had my cell to put on there. Good looking out.

    P.S. Great videos DAN!

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