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HOA Rx'd winner 

HOA scaled winners 
"Rx'd winners CrossFit Quad City and Scaled winners CrossFit Ice"

What is CrossFit? This is perhaps the most difficult question to answer but if you witnessed this weekend's Heart of America competition, that pretty much sums it up. As expected, we are totally wiped out and will touch more on the weekend highlights. We'll also be getting up some videos of all the action.

Again, we want to send a huge thank you out to CrossFit Ice, CrossFit Springfield, all volunteers, judges, Corey Lewis, and especially to Brandon Jackson for doing a great job as event organizer. Great job everyone. 3-2-1…..REST!

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Find your 5 rep max Back Squat and weighted pull-up/pull-up. Spend remaining time working on Hang Power Cleans.


-10 minutes. On the minute every minute perform:

-10 OH Lunges

-10 Push-ups (use your weight plate as a target)

20 Responses

  1. Trey

    A great weekend with a ton of memorable moments. Some of my favorites:

    1. Tonya and Gnat making the prowler look light.

    2. Mike Walerius making Dan Thacker look light.

    3. A random spectator asking me if Neil Zimmerman was my father, which is either a huge slam on him or a huge compliment to me…so I'll take it as a compliment! 🙂

    4. Melissa Hurley's FIRST muscle up!

    5. Everyone on WOD Gone Bad workin' their butts off in the cold! Great job to the whole team…

    I look forward to the next competition!!

  2. Cory

    Ya, BIG ups to the men in charge Brandon Jackson & Corey Lewis. Thanks to all the volunteer judging. Proud to be part of such a great group of people, thanks much!

  3. Mike e

    Congrats to Quad City, CF Ice and to all the teams that participated, you put on a great show. Great job Brandon! There's a new sheriff in town and his name's Corey Lewis! You all deserve a cold beer after this weekend.

  4. As one of the scaled competitors from Cross Fit Springfield, I just wanted to say that we all appreciated the judges and volunteers so much. Thank you to all of them for doing such a fantastic job. What an awesome community of athletes. I am honored to be a part of it. Thank you for being gracious hosts!

  5. Chris Haynes

    We came up from Murfreesboro Tn not knowing what we were getting into as this was our first affiliate competition. The first moment we walked in as my daughter started to cry I thought OH $#!+ what have i got us in to. They grow them big and strong in the mid-west. I was about to run to Brandon and beg for the switch to scaled but thought what the heck lets do this. We finished 6th in RX and left feeling very proud. The event was well run and the communities we met were extremely nice. Brandon, we thank you and your staff for the hard work. We will be back and we hope to bring more of our friends from the dirty south next year.

  6. Mary Rogers

    Hey, this is Mary from Crossfit Springfield's WOD Squad team. I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for putting so much work into this weekend. You all created an atmosphere of sportsmanship and friendly competition that truly made this an excellent experience. We can't wait to host YOU next year – it'll be an honor! 🙂

  7. Molly White

    I was also a scaled competitor from Crossfit-Springfield. There are literally no words to describe what I experienced this weekend. I am so honored to be a part of such an amazing group of athletes and people. Thank you so much Valley-Park for hosting this truly incredible event and I can not WAIT to see all of you again next year!!!

  8. jake

    awesome wods. awesome people. awesome weekend. you forget how much fun HOA is with it only being once a year. thanks to brandon and all of the volunteers/judges for all of the hard work they put in. these guys were there from dusk till dawn (and sometimes longer) working to make sure this event was a success. congrats to quad city and ice on their wins. can't wait until next year!

  9. Melissa Hurley

    From beginning to end, an AMAZING competition and time. Thank you, thank you, thank you Brandon, Corey, and volunteers/judges!!!

  10. Corey

    I want to start off by thanking all my judges and volunteers that stuck with me all weekend. I asked a lot of you all and you were amazing. We could not have had such a great event with out you judging and helping with the workouts. I know I speak for Brandon too when I say that we can not thank you enough. Then to all the competitors and out of town guest we had. Thank you all for coming out and you guys all ROCKED. I saw PR's all over the place and people doing things they never imagined they could do. That is what makes these events so great. Congrats to Quad City who came to play in both divisions and Crossfit Ice for taking home the titles. Athletes, take today off then its back to work tomorrow!!! lol

  11. Darby Seymour

    What a fun weekend. So great to see all the fierce competition and friendly Crossfit atmosphere. Great job Brandon! Corey..fantastic!

  12. Nelson Sprague

    Thanks Brandon for keeping us all in line bud, you made it look easy. Thanks for the support everyone, it was a great event. Judges and spectators alike really added to the experience it was amazing. Thanks again for the Huge Heart Award, while unexpected, it really exemplifies what makes the crossfit community great. Great workouts, great volunteers, and a great time. Thank you all for everything!

  13. Chris Schwab

    What a weekend! Melissa and I both had a great time, but it wouldn't have been possible without Brandon, Corey, and the rest of the volunteers/judges (especially Josh…I think he judged us all but one time!)

  14. Kara Funk

    It was an incredible weekend in a million different ways!!! It was thrilling to see everyone supporting and cheering for each other ..So grateful to have been a part of it. Thank you to Corey & Brandon, judges and volunteers, teams, etc… was a blast!

  15. Mikey Dubs

    A Most Excellent Weekend. Great work Brandon and Corey. You kept things running smooth and addressed issues fairly when they came up. Big Crongrats to winners and all competitors. These events bring out the best in us all!

  16. Melissa Schwab

    What a blast! I can't imagine any one location with more heart! It was an honor to participate! Thank you to Brandon, Corey, and everyone who made it possible!

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