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Last week we including rowing techique in our skill work. We generally see three major flaws that prevent you from being a more efficient and faster rower. The movement of the rowing stroke can be closely related to the deadlift. When you do each movement see if you can recognize the similarities.

The first flaw we see if improper sequencing. The order is legs, back, and arms as you will see in the video. The arm pull is not a part of the deadlift but think about this. If you extend the back before extending the legs in the deadlift you will pull the bar into your shins. The first extension must be the legs. As the bar or rowing handle crosses the knees, the back extension begins. Work on slow pulls to "feel" proper sequencing.

The 2nd flaw we see is bending the knees before the return of the arms and back during the recovery phase. The order here is simply the opposite. Arms, back, then legs. If you bend the knees first in recovery of the deadlift you will find the barbell running into your legs right above the knees. Be patient. The knee bend is last.

The 3rd flaw we see is lack of back flexion on the recovery. The premature knee bend amplifies this. Without forward flexion you lose a vital part of generating power. Your back angle should point to 1-2 oclock position in the catch and 10-11 position in the finish.


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