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Robin and dawn 
Robin and Dawn Wilhelm took some time out of their vacation to visit CrossFit Destin. It must have been a great break from this heat. Looking great ladies and we love the shirts.

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Warm up to include hip and shoulder mobility. OH Squat 5 x 3.

Weightlifting Skill: Hang Snatch/Snatch. Here's a bit of training terminology that should help with your Olympic Lifting. The words "Clean" and "Snatch" indicate the movement from the floor and received in a full squat. If the starting position is from the hang, it will be called a Hang Clean or Hang Snatch. The hang can mean several positions including high (hips), mid (thighs), above knee, below knee, etc. Your coach will indicate which one. The term "power" only applies to recieving position, not starting position. Anything recieved above a full squat is a power position. Power Clean and Power Snatch.

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  1. Darby

    Looking good girls! Have a good vacation. Hopefully you are least sleeping in on vacation…no 5:30am when vacationing.

  2. Lisa Moore

    Great job Robin and Dawn…..Bet you tore it up down there being as your from CFVP. See you soon and enjoy your vacation.

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