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Ring Dip

Ring Dips are one of the toughest upper body strength exercises that we utilize. Now that we have a stationary dip bar take some time to practice on it. It's easier because it's stable. Work on a solid support first and use a narrow grip that simulates the rings. Remember to hold your shoulders down, not letting them crash up towards your ears. Also work on a solid lockout on the elbows.

Ring Dips are part of our competition on Sunday. It's important that you achieve the required range of motion. Any partial reps won't count and will waste precious energy. Try and use your arm pit as a target for the ring. The ring must come into contact somewhere on the front of the shoulder or upper arm. Observe the picture and notice the elbow has risen above the shoulder. This will indicate proper depth. Also notice how Josh is "over" the rings. This forward inclination will allow you to use the chest more. Staying upright will only make it tougher.

Friday Strength/Skill Work: Pull-ups, Push-ups, Overhead Lunges


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