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Renegade Rows


Renegade Rows


Renegade rows are a potent core strength/stalibity exercise. We've included these in a WOD option for Wednesday and Friday. We will be doing the version that includes a push up between each rep. Here are some tips.

  • Keep the dumbbells in tight, resembling a close hand push-up position.
  • Keep feet wider than usual to help stablize the movement.
  • Perform your push-up, then shift weight slightly over the bell you're going to row.
  • You MUST tighten your whole body and row the weight without "jerking."
  • Keep the hips as square as possible and avoid twisting.

We've been posting several videos this week for instructional purposes. We hope this helps. We'll get back to pics of our athletes in action.

NOTE: In today's WOD, "Unbreakable", each pull up is worth 3 seconds. The original design hardly made the pull-up portion hadly worth it since the clock will likely keep up with or pass you. If you did the workout this morning, simply take your number of pull-ups x 3 and subtract that in seconds from your time.






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