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Remember Your First Kipping Pull-up?


Remember Your First Kipping Pull-up?


"Jason Khalipa, 2009 CrossFit Games"

We had a great moment in tonight's workout. Jennifer Shaw got her first kipping pull-up! I feel terrible that we didn't get a pic or have video on hand. Sorry Jen! Our camera is down again until I get a loaner. Jennifer is a great athlete who has been working hard. Strong work.

We all feel like crashing to the floor after a tough workout. While this is something I really enjoy, I'm going to make an effort to stand and keep walking around. There are a couple reasons I think you should make the effort to do this. One, muscles are starving for oxygen and when they stop moving blood flow is not as effecient resulting in slower recovery. Secondly, I think it is a mental victory if you can stay on your feet. Walk around until you feel somewhat normal. Then hit the floor and stretch.

I'll be posting WOD's on our daily posts. These aren't necessarily the workouts that will be performed in scheduled classes. They are workouts that we have played around with and it will give our members and readers a chance to try them out. Weights will be specified but please remember to scale to your ability. A workout presciption is just a framework. The variables like weight, height, distance, and repetitions are accepted as things that can be scaled. This is not something to haved mixed feelings about but something that is considered normal and needed. Remember it's your workout. 

Josh Nimmo said something today that reinforced this thought. While the workout called for 135 lbs. on the barbell, Josh chose 155. His reason was that he thought 155 is a weight that would make him better. Simply stated and smart.

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  1. Melissa

    Congratulations, Jen! Since I missed it, you will have to have a repeat performance next time we workout together.

  2. Jon

    Look for a video with Jeremy Thiel and Lance Cantu doing chest-to-bar Helen. Thiel sets a PR, then afterwards says something to the effect of "I don't set PRs to fall on the floor afterward. I set PRs to stand tall." I'll never forget that one.

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