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“Relentless” is the pride of CrossFit Valley Park


“Relentless” is the pride of CrossFit Valley Park

All athletes who participated in Sunday's competition were outstanding. The WOD's were grueling and everyone was up to the task. A special recognition is due however, to the "Relentless" team who placed third overall in the event. Alex Fox, Chris Carrier, Darby Seymour and Monica Kunkel are absolutely relentless!!

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  1. Hey, natural curls are in! perms out. haha
    i would like to say that Christina and Natalie kicked some major butt. i was so impressed with these 2 and they had amazing ring dips. I knew Christina was a CrossFitter, but I didn't know how much she rocked it till Sunday! high 5!

  2. We appreciate the kind words, though I have to say I'm pretty inspired by every one of the competitors' performances, just for the effort to finish all 3 WODs, and every one of the supporters that came out to root everyone on..I'm so inspired that I signed up for the Level 1 Cert. @ TNT St. Charles. That's pretty inspired. 🙂

  3. Brody

    That girl looks like the BIGGEST DORK!!!!! Im not sure who it is but definately feel sorry for her! I wish I knew who it was so I can send some flowerss to make her day. Oh well maybe I will find out one day.

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