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Tryouts 21 

Thanks to everyone who came out for our first "Bring a Friend" Friday. We had a nice group and a mean WOD. Yes, I must take credit for creating the monster (with some help from CrossFit Football). Sometimes what looks reasonable on paper gets the better of you. I will fill you in on the workout soon enough. This one will serve as a template for more to come.

To me, nothing feels worse than quitting a workout. I was tired, it was hot, and I kept reminding myself that I tell others to finish, no matter how long it takes. Still, I quit. No excuses….just a feeling that I failed. I had no choice but to return the next day. This is what I call a "redemption" workout and if you are ever in this position, do it! Nothing will feel better than getting back into the ring with the  foe who knocked you out, and giving it another go. Knowing the same workout would likely yield the same result, I changed it slightly. I didn't feel bad about doing this. This WOD is a monster! As the last rep left my body I fell to the floor. I'm still not sure who won but I felt better. I don't like redemption workouts. I don't plan on having anymore. Don't ever quit. You may not always get it the first time but at some point….get it!

This Sunday the 5th we welcome everyone to come out and join us for an outdoor workout. It will be "redemption" day for me as I attempt the tryout WOD that kicked my butt. We will have another workout planned as well. The fun will begin at 12 noon. The location is the Kirkwood High School Track.

We'd like to give a shout out to several athletes. Welcome to Laci Marden who had her intro. on Saturday and tore it up! Jennifer Goodall continues to improve and never misses a workout. Trey Dowell and Tawn Keener may be getting an attendance award! Melissa Kron continues to get strong! She went from 1 dead hang pull-up to 3! Donna Smith walked in the other day and I was amazed at how great she looked. I hadn't seen her in a while and I was thrilled to see her knock out 10 full ROM push-ups with excellent form. Keep up the good work everyone. Sorry for not having pics but the camera is out for repairs.

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