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Affiliate Cup Final

"Ready to Battle for the Cup"

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Find 1 rep max Back Squat and 1 rep max OH Press.


-This one is tricky.

-2 Rounds

-Run 800 Meters, then 50 walking lunges. Note the time on the clock. This is your round time. Go immediately into maximum number of burpees in 1 minute. Rest 1 minute. During your rest you will deduct the number of burpees (in seconds) from your round time. Both round calculations will give you your final time (score).

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  1. Rich Hill

    Man, I want to know if there is going to be video for us people that happen to move away. To be able to see St. Charles smoke through a couplet, see Valley Park lift more then a normal person, to see the heart that of South City, the smiles of St. Louis…there are so many collective things that are awesome about the St. Louis Affiliate competition. Best of luck to you all and rock it. No doubt about it, St. Louis region best CF community because of the awesome affiliate owners that put their boxes together for events like this.

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