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Quite a Night


Quite a Night


Guess  who got his first muscle up Wednesday night? Sorry about the pic Chris, I was distracted during your successful attempt. As if that wasn't enough, Chris G-P followed his muscle up with a sub 6 minute Fran, shaving off over 2 minutes from his previous PR! Strong! Very Strong!


Friday Strength/Skill…… Black Box Friday

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  1. gnat

    AWESOME work! NO worries about the lack of evidence!…that was only the first one…we were there to witness your strength & determination while Herb was briefly talking to our drop-in crossfitter…(as they say..every second counts.)I have a feeling that there are plenty more muscle ups coming in the near future! Good job!

  2. David Cornthwaite

    Knew Chris was going to be a monster after watching him play football in college. Keep up the good work man. You're another games competitor on the rise!!!

  3. Chris G-P

    Haahaaa…my face is definitely the best part of this pic! Thanks a lot everyone, I gotta admit, it was tough to get the grin off my face after the muscle up. It felt so goooood! April 26 FRAN of 8:19 and June 16 FRAN of 5:32. Thanks to Herb, Brandon, Dan and all the Crossfit friends that constantly push…Much love!

  4. jake

    i got to witness both of these and i must say GP is doing some good things in the gym. way to push on the fran chris and congrats on the MU!

  5. Melissa K.

    I think bonus points should be given for eyes closed! Great things happen when you do the movement with your eyes closed : )

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