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Pull ups-001


Admit it. You want to do pull-ups! The pull-up is a great functional strength exercise. It requires alot of upper body strength and the truth is most people are not capable of performing one. Like anything, hard work will equal progress and with enough practice you may find yourself looking over the top of the pull-up bar. The art of strength is displayed in the dead hang pull-up. The skill of generating directional momentum and force is applied with a kip. We all see the kipping pull-up and want to learn it. Taught correctly, there is nothing wrong with hanging from a bar and working on the mechanics of the kip. However, if you move into it too aggressively and begin to try to pull yourself up before you have adequate strength you are asking for shoulder/scapula problems. This is why we encourage you to aquire several dead hang pull-ups before you attempt kipping pull-ups. You need to be structurally strong enough to tolerate the pull and force that your body is putting into your shoulders and upper back. Don't rush it! Don't take short cuts. Work your dead hang strength with bands, negatives, and assisted pull-ups. Progression is always the answer. The kip is just another tool in the tool bag. It has a time and place.

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