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PR’s. Get Yours


PR’s. Get Yours


Derk and Mel DErk

There's nothing to fear when attempting big box jumps. Make sure you are comfortable, confident, and aggressive! Drive hard off of the ground, use your arms for momentum, and draw the feet up quickly to clear the distance. Derk Holder is an occasional visitor from Tulsa, Ok. He trains at CrossFit Jenks and is a great athlete.  He joined Melissa Kron for some heavy deadlifts and high box jumps. Melissa got a 1st time 24 inch box jump! One wasn't good enough. She did 5! Derk got up to 36 inches but I'm sure had another 6-8 inches to go for a max. PR's are out there for you to have everytime you workout. Get yours! They worked great together. Nice job Melissa on the PR and welcome Derk!

Here is another great article by Lisbeth Darsh from CrossFit Watertown. Lis writes for the CrossFit Affiliate Blog and I had the pleasure of meeting her at my CrossFit Level I certification. She lives CrossFit and sets a great example for affiliate owners. Even if you're not competing in the CrossFit Games, the spirit of the event and our community echo in our efforts. We are all a part of something great. As our athletes battle for every repetition, part of you will be with us. On the 2009 CrossFit Games

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