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Proud Day


Proud Day



Team 2

Well the cheering from the crowd has subsided but the excitement is still lingering. It was just an incredible weekend filled with incredible moments. Every workout left us inspired and emotional. Front Range CrossFit put on an outstanding event and big thanks goes out to all the judges and volunteers for their hard work. We want to thank the St. Louis CrossFit community for all their love and support. CrossFit TNT, CrossFit St. Charles, and CrossFit Springfield put on excellent performances and we can't thank them enough for cheering us through to California. We are truly blessed to have such brothers and sisters. 

Our individuals, Josh Nimmo, Jake Howard, and David Cornthwaite made us truly proud. They all performed above all expectations and left it all on the floor. Josh was in 2nd moving into the final event but couldn't quite hold on to his lead and finished 13th overall. Jake was in 9th and gave an inspiring performance to move him into 6th, just 2 out ot the cut. David Cornthwaite battled back with a great performance to earn 20th. Jeremy Mhire and Brian Llewellyn placed 30th and 39th. Paul Cegon of TNT stepped up and did great. Unfortunately he suffered a calf injury that took him out of the running. Paul is a true inspiration. These guys were up against the best in the world and should be truly proud of what they accomplished.  

Equally as inspiring was our Team performances. We battled back from 26th place after the 1st event and took 4th overall in the Snatch event. Then we took 11th overall in the triplet, an event that we thought would eliminate us from the competition! We went into the last event in 9th place overall. With a crushing performance in the final event, we moved up just enough to take 8th place overall, securing our spot to the 2010 CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup! 

A special note goes out to Melissa Hurley. She didn't have a chance to compete with us due to a misunderstanding on the event dates. When she found out CrossFit TNT needed another female, she agreed to step up. That is what family is all about. Melissa crushed the sprint workout and snatch event. Melissa, we are so proud of you. A big thanks also goes out to Trey Dowell for being the statistic update man and for supporting us through the whole weekend. 

 Kara Funk was consistent and tough! She absolutely killed the overhead squats and thrusters. Tawn Keener just blew us away with her speed. We've never seen someone do burpees so fast! She'll be the first to admit she can struggle with range of motion but she only got called out on 1 repetition! Raelynn Chase proved to be an awesome sprinter and a great coach! She planned our strategy for the final event and it worked! Brilliant. Corey Lewis was our cardio man and killed the run and did all 3000 meters in the row. Cory Buerck simply took the "Performance of the Games" award. His strength came through in the snatch, with a #230 lift. Then he blew us away by doing all 50 muscle-ups in the triplet, all without a false grip! Cory is a modest guy but to be truthful, you put us through with that amazing accomplishment. I simply did what I had to do and that's to treat barbells like they're chopsticks. To my Teammates. I couldn't have been more proud. I wouldn't have picked anyone else to compete with and I thank you all for giving me moments and memories that I will never forget.  We left it all on the floor and we did it. 

A huge note goes out to my partners, Herb and Brandon. Without these excellent coaches, our athetes would not be where they are today. Your hard work and excellence showed up in Denver and was not to be denied. On a personal note, I can't thank you guys enough. Another shout out goes to Tracy Fober, our awesome Olympic Lifting coach! Tracy, your expertise and coaching abilities showed up in Denver. You could really see that out athletes knew how to move that barbell. We are blessed to have you here! To all CrossFit Valley Park members, I speak for all of your coaches when I say we are gleeming with pride today.

For a complete breakdown of the events and standings, go to North-Central Regional Results

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  1. Gnat

    (Dan…I like the comment "treat barbells like they're chopsticks!")
    AMAZING! CrossFit Valley Park never ceases to amaze me!

  2. Wow! This weekend was truely inspiring in so many ways. VP rocked it and cheering you guys on to the finals was so much fun. Watching Dan and his "chopsticks" made me want to go do some weights.

    Melissa, if it weren't for u helping out TNT, we wouldn't have had a complete team. Thanks for fitting right in. Dan, can we keep her??

    Thanks VP for making TNT want to be better athletes!!

  3. Cory Buerck

    Thanks to my teammates for making this possible. But, this is only the beginning. With the performance we diplayed, OUR expectations should be a lot higher and make us want to train harder. I may have been harsh at times to the ladies…sorry. A true team effort. Kara, you absolutely destroyed the thrusters! Tawn, you truly stepped it up, without that last perfromance none of this would be possible. Raelynn, without your run, we could have been in last place after the first event. Also, without your advice for the last workout, no telling what time we might have put up. Baby Louie, thanks for doing our presentation in kines. Haha! But seriously, without your row…we would not be training for Cali, thanks brother. Dan, you are a GREAT leader and coach. I'm fortunate to know someone like you, simply by how passionate you are. All the hard work you put into our WOD's paid off. INVICTUS!

  4. Wow, you guys just amaze me and make me want to try that much harder. Thanks for being an inspiration to us all and representing what hard work, determination, and sheer madness can accomplish. We look forward to watching your journey continue – watch out California!!

  5. Paul C

    I am so happy for all of you. I had a blast watching all of you absolutely CRUSH every task that was put in front of you.

    Dan, Corey B, Corey, Tawn, Kara and Raelynn, your team played so hard and seemed to have the whole thing planned out perfectly. You all worked so hard and I could tell that you really wanted this. Congratulations on a well deserved trip to the big show.

    Jake, Josh and David,
    My hat is off to you three. I can honestly say that the most rewarding part of this entire event, for me, was getting the opportunity to share the stage (for a moment) with each of you. I was completely in awe of the skill, strength and stamina that each of you displayed. You all put forth stellar performances and should be extremely proud of how well you did. I know that the entire STL CF community feels the same way.

  6. Dan, I still like the Killer Whales tossing around baby seal comparison, but either one portrays the visual very well. Congrats to you all and congrats to those who even attempted to compete and maybe didn't reach their "ultimate" goals, you're all still extremely inspirational and winners just for chasing your dreams.

  7. Kim Llewellyn

    So happy for you all and kept close eye on comp all weekend and was so proud of you each of you. Go CFVP and good luck at the games!

  8. Dave

    Great job all around VP. You individual guys were remarkable to watch, and to the team, you guys worked your butts off and deserve to be in Cali, thanks for representing Missouri CF with class.

  9. Tawn

    Thank you everyone for your well wishes–if it weren't for your cheering and positive thoughts we may not have done quite as well. I know that our success was due in part to the sheer strength, stamina and heart we gained daily through our coaches and teammates at CFVP. Cory, Baby Louie, Dan and of course my girls Raelynn and Kara were truly inspiring all weekend long! We worked smarter not harder and it paid off in the end. I'm ready to kick it into high gear and train like a monster to make Missouri proud! Thank you everyone! This is a dream come true and I believe we will make the most of every minute of it!

  10. Kara

    Team! Team! Team! We're going to Cali! The dynamic of our team out there on the floor was POWER. Dan, our incredible leader, you motivate us all while you're moving those weights like "chopsticks" not to mention NAILING those chest to bar pullups like they were nothing! Cory B., "muscle up man", will never forget that performance – workin out with you is a blast….3,2,1, go! Kill it! Baby Louie, fast as hell on the rower in wod 3, not to mention strategy and strength. Learn a great deal from you.. Raelynn & Tawn – we took it down sisters! Rae on the sprints & winning Sunday wod strategy. Tawn flyin through those burpees LIKE A MACHINE and gutting it out with me like a true partner on those overhead squats. Love you guys!

    Trey is awesome! He can compute anything in a matter of seconds…he kept us all up to speed with scoring and driving capabilities with "the bohemith".

    Josh, Jake and David: We are incredibly lucky to have you at our box. Thanks for including us in on Friday Night Lights where we learned a ton.

    Crossfit TNT & St.Charles – can't wait to see you stud's again! Thanks for all your encouragement and cheering for us on Sunday. We needed it!

    Thanks for an unforgetable weekend! WE made it happen!

  11. Sarah Lockhart

    Hey CFVP: You were all amazing to watch and get to know a little better this past weekend. Regionals was a great experience and I'm stoked your affiliate team made it through to Cali! Big props all around to coaches, athletes, and everyone who was part of getting you ready for the competition.

    To the individuals – Jake, Josh, (and David I just met you) – incredible, incredible stuff! It is honestly a treat to watch you guys perform and I know you will continue to get better everyday (scary thought!). I feel lucky to know you guys!

    Hopefully I will be seeing you guys around here and there this summer!!

  12. jake

    wow, what an amazing weekend. i can't even put into words how awesome it was to watch team CFVP compete and earn their spot at the worlds. the heart they showed in each wod stood out above all else. it was truly inspiring to battle back from 26th after the run event to take that last qualifying spot! what a comeback!

    it's hard for some to understand not only the physical toughness, but more the mental toughness it takes to continue to train at such a high level as this team. continue to support them day in and day out as they prepare for the 2010 CROSSFIT GAMES BABY!!!

    Congrats guys, you deserve it!

  13. Tawn

    Awww, you guys are going to make me cry again! Thanks Everyone! I also wanted to thank the guys (Jake, Josh, David, Jeremy, Brian and my team) for all of the support and guidance you gave before, during and after the Regionals. You guys kept us women on the straight and narrow and never hesitated to call us out as well as compliment! THANKS! Now to quote Ingrid…"Let's get nasty!"

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