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Jen PU 

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Jennifer Shaw is growing. I don't mean she's getting bigger. We are witnessing the growth of what defines an athlete. Often an athlete will overlook these subtle changes but we see them everyday. Virtually every person who engages in our program experiences apprehesion and doubt. If they give it a chance, they find a person who continually improves, mentally and physically. Jennifer has shown great progress in all aspects. She has great movement, technique, and flexibility. She's a blast to be around and is always willing to try anything with a smile.

We would also like to mention Courtney Yuskis, Mike Shaw, and Chris Abrahms. They are all showing consistency, fortitude, and progress. They have all set goals to focus on in 2009. That's what it's all about.

No-bullshit  We are always making an effort to guide you through training and nutritional topics. There is alot of misleading information out there and it's up to you to wade through the (see symbol on left).

Nutritional "sports" drinks have been around for a long time. Gatorade has to be the biggest. Gatorade is really nothing more than sugar water. Now there are significantly more to choose from, including the many "vitamin" or "anti-oxidant" waters. Remember the purpose of taking in fluids is to hydrate. This is best accomplished with water

This trend is only getting worse. Energy drinks loaded with caffiene and other stimulants are now a booming business. Your children are free to load up on caffiene and sugar. Marketing is cleverly designed to prey upon your feelings of feeling fatigued, lethargic, and being vitamin/mineral deprived. Check out some thoughts on  Soft Drink Marketing. Pepsi spent nearly $500 million in marketing (excluding online) in 2008. Whoa.