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Prescriptions and Continuity


Prescriptions and Continuity

"The Bent Press"

CFVP Would like to welcome Jon Giesler. Jon has been doing really well with CrossFit and knocked out today's WOD as Rx'd with a time of 8:30. Great job on the ring dips Jon. You will be seeing alot of workouts that will have a "prescribed" movement or weight. Remember this is just a benchmark. You should feel free to adjust and modify according to your ability. If you scale or modify, record exactly how you did it. Then use the same modifications when you repeat it. No matter what your modification is, it's important you keep continuity with your repetitions. They all need to look the same. As time goes on and you get stronger, push yourself to try things as prescribed. It's all about progress. Please keep records.

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  1. Lisa Moore

    OK….I call her Jenny gymnastics because I met her at 24 hour fitness. We spoke for less that 60 seconds…she said what fitness program are you on…I said CFVP. Saw her that Wednesday at St. Louis Gymnastics center on Wednesday night practiceing gymnastics while I worked on my dreadful muscle up. We never spoke then she was a CFVP that next Monday……WHOO HOO Jenny Gymnastics and Whoo Hoo cfvp trainers that welcome everyone.

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