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PR! Two Ways


PR! Two Ways



We had some awesome PR's Thursday. Different Kinds. Same level of cool. Robin Wilhelm has been sharpening up her Split Jerk. She ramped her way up to a new PR of #113. Then proceeding to make #118 and then #123. It was awesome to witness her excitement. Great job Robin. Get yourself some lifting shoes now!

When performing a conditioning workout, choice of load is sometimes a question mark. Some guidelines that you must consider include how the load affects your movement….which it should have NONE, how many repetitions are required, and how the movements affect efficiency of others. It's not always easy but a rule of 10 is typically in the ballpark. If you can execute 10 repetitions with moderate effort, you are close. Heavier weights, bigger plates, and bigger numbers play with us mentally. They create barriers and a overall feel of…"I can't." If that is going through your head, forget it. Confidence is everything. Stay within guidelines of ability while challenging yourself at the same time. If you keep choosing the weight that is a warm-up for you, you will put the brakes on adaptation. To sum up. Great job to Anne Abbenhaus who chose to challenge herself with the heavier load. While it slowed her down a bit, she went unbroken for 4 sets of 20 with great form. Remember, it's not about the clock. It's about progress.


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