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M shaw

Post WOD meals. We all know it's important but how many of you are getting it? This metabolic window is a good chance to start recovery and help maintain lean muscle mass. We are thinking about occasionally keeping some post workout snacks on hand in the fridge here for sale.  One option would be a small serving of lean protein along with fruit. Another option would be a whey protein smoothie made with fruit. Any input?

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Front Squat 5 X 3. Alternate with max rep chin-ups.

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  1. Lynn

    I have a hard time eating immediately after a work out, but if snacks were available and ready to go, I would probably be more compelled to do so.

  2. Mike Shaw

    Mike D. – Please don't provoke him!
    Dan – I think Mike D. is suffering from heat stroke, he knows not what he says.

  3. Chris Schwab

    I try to keep my post workout simple. scoop of whey with 8oz skim milk. If I don't have whey avail, chocolate milk is my second choice.

  4. Mike D

    Let me clarify, the picture is of Mike Shaw, if this is still the "guess who" game. That WOD GAVE me heatstroke almost. but I liked it.

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