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You know we're running short on material when we have to post pics of BMJ. We will work hard to get some shots of new athletes, good videos, and some entertainment. We'd also like to hear from you. If you have questions about technique, nutrition, programming, performance, or any other matters with health and fitness….be heard! E-mail our info address. We will work hard to put together some instructional videos.
Many of you have been working hard at the Olympic lifts and showing great progress. The Jerk is technically as demanding as the Clean or Snatch. However, we typically run into less problems going from the shoulders to overhead than pulling from the ground. One thing we see alot of is poor positioning of the barbell and forward movement as we dip into the Jerk. Remember. Forward is ALWAYS bad. The bar must be secure on the shoulders. Notice in the top picture how the shoulders are "inflated" into the bar to form a nice platform. This position must be held throughout the dip/drive so the bar jumps off the body in a straight line. The dip must be into the heels with no forward movement of the torso. From there you must step out into the split and get your head through and under the bar. You must place yourself in a good position to receive the load. Here is a video of Mike Walerius of CrossFit 26 making a huge PR Jerk today. You will notice the main difference between him missing and making the lift is getting through the front of the bar. Enjoy.


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