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Positions and Introductions


Positions and Introductions


You should be hearing alot of coaching cues on positioning. Sometimes it pays to back up and go back over the basics. Remember this is where it all starts…and ends. Move the load from "a" to "b" right? With a proper starting and ending position, you are more likely to secure proper movement path. With the Overhead Press or any variation of "shoulder to overhead" the bar needs to be high on the shoulders. This is a very common flaw. Too common. The bar drifts down on the shoulders, taking it away from your base, causing elbow drop, forward weight transfer, and wrenching your shoulder structure. The elbows should always be somewhere forward of the bar, then returning to the same position. If these coaching cues bore you, do it right. Get these faulty movement patterns out of your system.

There are alot of new faces every week here at CFVP. Introductions have been little if any. We will be checking in with new athletes. If they aren't being greeted, we'll have some fun at the end of class. Remember when you first walked through these doors and the warmth you felt with being welcomed.