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Playing it Smart


Playing it Smart

The "Valley Crusher" proved to be a challenging WOD today. The prescribed weight is #135 for men and #95 for women. While this is a goal to shoot for, it doesn't mean you're ready for it. You need to break the workout down and determine what will be the most challenging movement with the given weight. This will give you some direction. Kerry Herr make a decision to challenge himself and go Rx'd. He did well but found himself hitting the wall on the shoulder to overhead. When you find yourself here it's decision time. Kerry made the decision to lighten the load to #115. First of all, we want to give him a huge pat on the back by going for it. We also want to give him credit for swallowing his pride and making a smart training decision. The time spent getting stronger is much more enjoyable than time spent nursing an injury. Kerry did the right thing and he made it through the workout. We know next time he's going to get it….as Rx'd. Great job everyone on a tough workout today.

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  1. Couldn't be happier with this post! For the vast majority of crossfitting athletes, "the wall" should be identified as the point when technique starts to significantly fail; not when you are completely exhausted. In summary, making wise decisions can be the difference between long term, stable improvement and a bruised and broken ego and body.

  2. Kerry H

    Thanks! I was disappointed after the WOD but now know it was the right call. I look forward to Mr. Valley Crusher to appear again (just not too soon), the outcome will different.

    Looking forward some bonus Oly lifting on Sat open classes.

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