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Petey Says


Petey Says


Petey doesn't look to concerned about falling into my "triangle choke". In fact, I'd say he has a dominant and dangerous position! Speaking of triangle chokes, I am currently training two MMA (mixed martial arts) athletes, providing CrossFit strength and conditioning in preparation for their upcoming fights. Mixed martial artists are the toughest combat athletes in the world. They combine the skills of striking, wrestling, and submission grappling. Training in the sport will produce very strong, flexible, and powerful athletes. CrossFit provides a perfect supplement to increase their ability to deliver combat skills. MMA training also demands tremendous mental toughness, another attribute of CrossFit athletes. It's a great combination. I will keep everyone posted on their fight results in January.

Life Fitness This picure represents the latest trend in "cardio" fitness equipment. LCD screens can now be found on many bikes, treadmills, stair climbers, and elliptical trainers. While we can watch t.v. and play video games at home, in our car, and virtually anywhere, major equipment manufacturers feel that's not enough. Whatever you do, don't concentrate on your exercises! Let your mind, eyes, and ears stay focused on the latest music videos or trendy video games. And for $6000-$9000, it's a bargain! Petey gives it a big thumbs down. Petey says focus on your movements! You want to argue with him?