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Personal Best


Personal Best

Chris Qualifier 

It's not always the outcome of a game, it's the effort. Chris Abraham entered battle against some of the top athletes in the country. Chris has been doing CrossFit for a relatively very short time and by entering a regional qualifier, he was entering a test of will. To get into one of the top five spots for the 2009 CrossFit Games is like entering a physical lottery. Chris was faced with a workout that required heavy olympic lifts. In fact, he had never even attempted to clean and jerk 155 lbs. Still he managed 26 repetitions into a final round that included 500 meter rows. Although he didn't finish in the time allowed, he accomplished something great and beyond his expectations. That alone was worth the trip. Be sure to give him a big congrats when you see him! He'll be trying out for our Affiliate Cup Team in May. Best of luck Chris.

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  1. Rochelle

    It took somke serious balls to go out there and do what you did! You are showing to everyone to never give up!

  2. Sharon

    Chris, awesome job and determination! You did fantastic! Best of luck in the Team Try Outs! Congratulations!!!

  3. Chris

    Thanks for the positive comments. It truly means a great deal. I tried to finish the workout in under 20 minutes but in the end I was 4 reps and 500m short.

    I think its worth noting Jon Levy's effort as well. Even when it was clear he wouldn't finish in the time limit he still grabbed the bar and gave it his all. That kind of will and determination is inspiring to say the least.

  4. dan thacker

    Chris, thanks for reminding me. Jon Jevy had an equally inspiring performance and I simply neglected to mention it. Sorry Jon!!! I'm sure you'll take it out on me during the team tryouts!

  5. Dayna

    Wow,what a great effort by all participants!
    Really enjoyed reading the updates to see how you all made it through each round. The team tryouts should really be exciting!! Best of luck to all of you athletes.

  6. Troy

    I was there to witness the effort given by both Jon and Chris and it was truely inspirational. They never gave up and beyond that, they gave it their all on the 2nd and 3rd workouts even after they had DQ'd on the first one.

    Dan – below is an announcement from the Crossfit Games site. Make sure you get a team registered because it looks like it is first come first serve. After my experience at the regional, I can urge you enough to partisipate in the games. It is an awesome experience that I will never forget.


    The dates for the Affiliate Cup registration have changed.

    Registration for the Affiliate Cup will open at 0600 PDT on Monday, May 11th. It will be open until 1800 PDT on Friday, May 22nd, or when the event is sold out, whichever comes first.

    You do not have to have your final athletes determined at this point. You just need to register the team.

    Teams will be comprised of four to six athletes, at least two men and two women. The additional two athletes will be allowed to rotate in according to rules forthcoming.

    Please spread the word.

  7. Josh

    Awesome job to all of you guys over at CFVP who participated in the qualifiers! And good luck to everyone in the Affliate Cup tryouts. I know we haven't been over to train with you guys in a while, but our crew has been training hard on the east side of the river getting ready to leave for Denver for the qualifiers next week. We will try to make it out for the tryouts to cheer everyone on! ~Josh Nimmo

  8. dan thacker

    Josh, Thanks for the words! I was just thinking about you guys and wondering how training is going. We're pulling for you. Best of luck and be sure to e-mail me to let me know how it went. Best of luck in Denver!

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