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Perfect 1 You've all had the experience of our trainers speaking in your ear, "get all the way down, lock out that press, clear your chin, all the way down." These friendly, and sometimes not so friendly reminders serve a very important purpose. They emphasize the importance of technique, range of motion, and doing things right. Here lies the foundation of exercise and what we do with a passion: teach, inspire, and guide you to the best fitness you can achieve. While a clear definition of "fitness" and "being fit" will often be argued, the way in which we get there is not something we wonder about. Want to be stronger? Technique, range of motion, and resistance have to be there. Want to lose weight? Use more muscle groups at once, take them through full range of motion, and move things quickly to burn more calories. Want to gain flexibility, power, and speed? The answer doesn't change. The magic is in the movements and we want them to be perfect.

Only through good movement can we achieve the kind of skill, strength, and intensity needed to gain fitness and break through training plateaus. Perfect 2 We all have exercises that remain difficult. Be thankful for them. Without  these challenges, we don't leave enough to look forward to. Continue to stare them down and eventually you will conquer them. Modifications and scaling are a part of the game. Don't let them discourage you but use them to inspire hard work. Do them perfectly!

Pictures courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

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