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Our Newest Member


Our Newest Member


Our newest member is a flatscreen T.V. We are able to video tape your movements, use DVD's, and videos from our P.C. for instructional purposes. Pretty cool!

Freddy C. from CrossFit One World posts some great points on strength training. Read his post from 1-4-2010. Our strength repetition schemes are designed to reach a maximum effort towards your final set. It's important to warm up with very light loads for 8-12 repetitions. Take 2-3 sets to accomplish this. This phase should be quick without much rest. Your "working" sets will be according to the repetition prescription. For example, 5 X 5 means you will perform 5 working sets. The idea is to build up weight and ideally, the last set will be a max effort. This doesn't mean you will find it every time. This is why keeping journal notes is so important. Note where you ended and you will have an idea on what to shoot for with each workout. As you approach your max loads, increases in weight will become smaller and smaller. If you want to get stronger, be diligent and know your numbers!

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: Front Squat 4 X 4. Alternate with dead hang pull-ups.


-Load a barbell and use for both movements.

-5, 10, 15 reps of:



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