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Our CrossFit Games competitors are training hard and progress is steady. Melissa Hurley and Tonya Charland both PR'd on their deadlift today. Melissa got #300 and Tonya got #325. Welcome to the 300 club. Nice work ladies. Your dedication is inspiring.

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Deadlift 4-4-4 alternating immediately with Russian Twists 3 x 20 (10 each direction). Sumo Deadlift 4-4-4 alternating immediately with Skin the Cat 3 x 3.

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  1. Melissa K.

    Way to go, ladies! With your proven hard work and dedication, I'm sure there are more amazing PR's to come. So proud to have you represent our box.

  2. CF supporter

    VP will be well represented by competitors trying out for sectionals. Among these two ladies, there are several others competing. Cory B is coming off a strong showing at the Affiliate cup and is ready to take his game to Denver for regionals. Kara Funk and Margo show every time they workout that a small person can pack a mighty punch and are stronger than ever, looking to be among the top females from the Midwest. VP also has Jake and Dave looking to get back to sectionals, and have been busting their butts over the past year to do so. Good luck to all 7 competitors!!!

  3. Jake

    HUGE PRs LADIES! After talking with u about DL maxes recently is looks like you gals are stronger than you thought! Impressive stuff.

    Thanks to the VP community for all of the support throughout our training. Such a strong CF family we have at our box. It really means a lot to us.

  4. BMJ

    VP would never forget about every competitor…or member for that matter. Everyone will be highlighted as they make their way towards the Games. We are extremely proud and lucky to have such a great family here.

  5. Sharon

    Melissa & Tonya – you are awesome, rock every workout, and so very proud of what you have accomplished and very excited to see what's next!!!

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