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Mike B

Melissa OHS

"Our Athletes of the Month Mike Basile and Melissa Hurley"

Wednesday Strength/Skill Work: OH Squat 5 X 5. Ring Dips/Push-ups 5 X max reps. Russian Twists 5 X 10 each side.

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  1. Brian R.

    Congrats to the both of you. Melissa, all I can say is damn!! You are quite the machine. I don't know what took these trainers of ours so long to pick you as athlete of the month.

    And Mike, although we haven't met yet, I feel your pain for I too have had my hat handed to me by Stephanie, Dawn, Melissa, and Darby, but also by Tawn, Kara, the other Melissa, Donna, Vicky….the list goes on.

    Oh well, what are ya gonna do?

  2. Dawn Wilhelm

    Mike and Melissa, a big and well deserved congrats to you. It has been so awesome working out with you and seeing you grow. Melissa, we miss you in the mornings. As Mike always said…you were our "life coach" as you pumped us up and encouraged us to push hard through every WOD!
    Mike, you are a machine.
    I admire the dedication that you both have and look forward to many more workouts together.

  3. Tracy Strubberg

    Mike and Melissa, I'm grateful 2 have worked out with you both. Both of you are so awesome, and both of you always put either a big smile (or grimace) on my face. Whatever, I'm always motivated in your presence. keep up what you are doing. You make me so proud to be a part of the Crossfit Family.

  4. Kara

    Melissa and Mike – Congratulations guys! You are both two fine people and strong athletes. Really enjoyed the morning classes with you Mike – knew you were going to be an animal! And Melissa, THRILLED about you joining us in Cali! Excited about all our training….Keep doing your awesome thing you've got going on!!!

    Congratualtions again to both of you!

  5. Trey

    Two highly deserving choices! Mike always shows up to work hard, and his ability to pump out wall balls instills in me both awe and jealousy! 🙂 Then there's Melissa, who quite frankly has very limited athletic ability, but makes the most of the paltry gifts she's been given. ;P

  6. Darby

    Both very deserving with your spirit and ability. It is both fun and motivating to workout with you. Mike.. Can't wait until I can join you again in the AM. I am sure you will be able to kick my butt.. But I am working my way back. Melissa.. I am sure you will do awesome in California. Good luck! Congrats to both of you. Great people! Great athletes!

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