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Dan Games 

Chuck's Take: The North Pad. One of the many great judges at the CrossFit Games, Chuck Carswell took a moment to write about his experience on the North Pad OH Squat/Pull-up WOD. The pic shows our own Karen Wilson on her way to a max rep set of pull-ups. Go Karen!

Seeing Karen on the pull-up bar, competing with the best in the world, made me think. As a coach, it is extrememly rewarding to see people I work with perform. I was so proud of everyone on our team. I am equally as proud of each and every one of you that steps into the gym and gives it your best. We all come into this program exposed. We quickly discover our strengths and weaknesses. With the support of coaches and peers, we agree to be examples as we all strive for improvement. Within these walls, there are no bad examples.

When we recognize people doing things that we can't do yet, we have several opportunities. Doubting ourselves or feeling inferior is not one of them! We applaud that person for the hard work they endured to get there. We are inspired by that person. Most importantly, we realize each one of us is in that same position to inspire others. Our program is a forest of individual forces that feed off each other to make something greater. Each and every one of you contribute to that.

There was a day not too long ago that Karen couldn't perform a single pull-up. There was a day when I couldn't manage anything that resembled a good overhead squat! These accomplishments are not measured in degree. Someone performing their first push-up is as cool as watching someone perform their first muscle-up. Every single accomplishment you make in the gym has equal impact. Keep working hard. Take every opportunity to be your best. You need to do this for yourself. Consequently, you will make us all better.


-Every minute perform:

-4 Push Presses/Push Jerk, 4 OH squats, 4 burpees

-Use 50% 1 rep max. OH squat for both movements.

-Workout ends when you cannot complete the 12 reps in 1 minute.


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