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Wall Ball 

Spring is here. With the nice weather comes opportunity for us to schedule some fun and unique events. Be on the look out for some fun workouts followed by some food and drink. Get ready to take your workouts to some of the great parks we have in the area. We are kicking things off with an open house/workout on Sunday April 5th. Click Download CrossFit Valley Park open house for details. This is a chance for us to welcome all of our new athletes and gives you a chance to invite family and friends to come see what we are all about. Our Friday night "Guys Night" is now open to everyone. We don't see a reason to seperate our great female athletes from the men. We will announce these as "Friday Night Lights." Come on in!

Are you afraid of competition? Does the thought of coming in last bother you? There are many reasons people hate to compete. What are yours? Speaking personally, here are my thoughts.

  • Unless I'm doing it to make a living, I view all competition as fun. The outcome will not bother me.
  • I enjoy seeing others do well. When someone else raises the bar, I initially feel good for them. Then I feel inspired to do better next time.
  • I play better when playing with better players. This is true for everyone. Surround yourself with those who are better than you and you will perform better.
  • I will enter things that I know I won't win. Winning isn't why I compete. Winning is fun and if it happens, great. Competing gives me a chance to interact with people, push myself, and to try different things.

Next time you are offered a chance to go out and compete in something cool, do it. This is opportunity and you never know what will come from it. We have one team for the New Town Fit Games 2009. There's room for more! 

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