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Only In America


Only In America

24 Hr 

"Only in America" was the title of this picture that was sent to me today. I recieved it just after watching a sad documentary on a 1200 lb. man. He was born in Mexico and began having weight issues in his twenties, after moving to America and living on a fast food diet. One comment caught my attention. He was amazed at how much time Americans spent sitting. He basically spent his day at a desk, in a car, and on a couch. This is not a valid excuse for his weight problem but it brings forth an interesting issue. How much time do you spend sitting each day? What are the long term effects of too much time sitting? If you have a desk job, take time to get up and move around as much as possible.

Firebreather_afp-779177 We are bringing back "Firebreather Fridays". This is an open invitation! We will get together at 6 p.m. We will post WOD options and get to work. The workouts will be original and very challenging. We'll conclude our workout with some food and drink. Come get your game face on!

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