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One of our members, Jared Erickson has relocated back to Minnesota. This was all very sudden and we didn't get a chance to plan any kind of farewell. Jared is a great athlete and good guy. We all wish you and Becky the best of luck up north. Keep training hard and stay in touch!

There are alot of people posting on our Next Level Nutritional Blog! We are so glad to see the interaction. It's important to go through and read posts you may have missed. Also, if you have questions or comments on a previous archived post, comment on the most recent post. This way we will be sure to see it and respond. Keep it up everyone!

Saturday A.M. Class: Warm up. Find a partner and start working on back squats and OH presses. After a warm up weight quickly increase your load and find your 3 rep max. You will have about 40 minutes to do this. For those of you participating in our Next Level Challenge be sure to record your numbers on the white board. 


-For time

-Row 800 meters

-Run 800 meters

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