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Mike Shaw 2

Mike Shaw 
 On Thursday, we will be announcing our teams for the November 1st Affiliate Cup Team Competition at CrossFit TNT. We have had quite a crowd wanting to compete and are currently evaluating the athletes. No matter who competes, it has been awesome watching everyone learn technique on cleans. With little time to prepare, we have been cramming and progress has been incredible. We want to mention again that we are considering adding an "Olympic Lifting" class to the schedule. On a previous post the response was minimal so here is your chance to make it happen! Post to comments if you are interested.

Mike Shaw will be competing as a prescribed athlete on November 1st. Observe the pictures and you will notice he holds a nice "racked" position on the front squat. He is able to keep the elbows high and keeps the bar supported high on the shoulders. The bar tends to roll back onto the fingertips but it's important to try and keep a controlled grip on the bar. Next time try to keep connection with the thumb and first finger. Keep working on your wrist and shoulder flexibility. Nice job Mike!

Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Overhead Squat 4 X4, climbing ropes

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  1. Rich Hill

    Can't wait to hear what the competition will be for Nov. 1. CF St. Charles heard the weather is going to be cold, so we have been doing WODs in a meat freezer; if it worked for Rocky, why not for CFSTC. To help know who should represent the CFSTC team, Kim only let in the people that could perform one arm muscle ups (no kipping allowed). I am sure Valley Park has similar standards.

    Oh yeah, the real reason I replied…
    I am interested in olympic lifting class.

  2. We take our members through various torture tests to see if they are competition worthy. Waterboarding, paper cuts with lemon juice, electrical shock treatment, etc. etc. Then the WOD's seem easy.

  3. Paul C

    Rich, you haven't gotten the non kipping one armed muscle up yet? What a slacker! Rochelle has us doing them 30 for time with a plastic bag over our heads (no breathing allowed)…..

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