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Sumo baby

Ok, The pic has nothing to do with the post but isn't that precious? Really, we will have some great video and pics from our Friday night bash with our guests from CrossFit Springfield. We had a packed house with 15-16? athletes taking on a tough WOD. We're not sure on the standings but Corey Buerck took this one. He crushed it! Many will return early a.m. tomorrow to take on 2 more workouts at CrossFit TNT. Good luck everyone. Thanks Jeremy and Brian for making the trip for some good CrossFit bonding! Next time we're coming to your house.

Saturday Strength/Skill Work: For most of us it's resting up for Sunday's competition at CrossFit St. Charles. Back Squat 2 X 6, 2 X 4, 2 X 2. Alternate with max height box jumps.

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