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Oh What a Night


Oh What a Night

Group Shot 

B Row 

Mike W 

This year's CFVP Christmas Party was highlighted by great times and some very memorable moments. You knew Bob Rowan would make the front page again. We'll have a photo album (including Jake's purple gloves), posted tomorrow.

First of all, we would like to extend our deepest thanks to each and every one of you. We opened this box 2 years ago not knowing what to expect. What we got was one huge family and THAT… priceless. Your dedication, progress, support, and friendship makes each and every day here worth it. You have all been and continue to be huge inspirations. It is truly amazing what has come from a common pursuit of health and fitness. The gifts were so generous and truly caught us off guard. We will always be the best we can be for you. Remember, without you, CFVP does not exist. Thank you.

Monday Strength/Skill Work: Extended warm up to include dynamic movement and mobility drills. Then….it's "Member's Choice WOD."  Each class member will choose a movement. The coach will then make a creative workout using these movements.

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  1. Mike D

    we are a good looking group. Extra thanks to the owners and instructors, Dan, Herb, Brandon, Cory, and Tracy, you make us a family, a very fit family, but it is an exprerience gym rats would be jealous of. Also thanks to melissa k and sharon for setting up the opportunity for us to give something back to the people that help make us a family. Thank you all. Oh and the members, you guys all rock, well above my level of rocking.

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