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Officially Psyched


Officially Psyched


Since we started in October 2007, I am most proud to be typing this post. And there was no choice on the picture. The smiles on Barrett and Ella sum it up for everyone. The open house was an awesome event. Everyone came out to support us including many new faces. Great food, lots of show and tell, and some energy filled WOD’s filled the day.

It was a long week filled with endless work. We were all completely wiped by Saturday night. It is amazing to reflect on all the help and support we got through this process of opening our own gym. So many big favors and even more little ones made things much easier. Everyday we had someone else volunteering to help. Our dreams have come true because of you. Brandon, Herb, and I thank you all.

We have alot of pics and video to go over. Stay tuned. You won’t believe the before and after pictures.

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