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Overcoming Obstacles


Overcoming Obstacles

"Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go"

Do you ever feel like there are things in your way of accomplishing your goals? Maybe it's an injury that you are recovering from or could it be a mental block that you need to overcome? How about a friend or family member that is dragging you down rather than pushing you forward? Life is full of all kinds of issues-for everyone… don't feel like you are alone! If your life is perfect & you have no obstacles to overcome, then help those that are struggling to overcome theirs.

Finding mental clarity helps-what is that obstacle? That's the first step. Is it really that big or that bad? The second is accepting it. The third is facing it & dealing with it in a way that makes you stronger-whether physically, mentally, spiritually… whatever works for you!! 

May this new year be a fresh start to help you get over any issues you may have. If you are recovering from an injury… take it slow & may the new year bring you good health! If you are dealing with mental blocks, then may the new year bring you courage & help you overcome them! Visualize your success & stay focused! If you are needing motivation, then you should know that our CrossFit community not only sweats together & encourages & motivates each other through workouts, but we also support each other through the tough times to grow stronger together. 
So…I ask you… what do you need help with? What are your obstacles?

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  1. Natalie

    It's no secret-I have had many obstacles! To name a few…
    *back injury-bruised vertebrae & sore muscles
    *sliced a chunk of finger off & half the fingernail
    *detached tendon from foot & took a chip of bone off
    *sprained wrist
    *sliced finger to the bone
    *used hands as brakes on runway after landing from skydiving
    *concussion & whiplash from snowboarding
    *car accident-whiplash & broken finger
    *car accident-whiplash & rib pops out in front
    *hit the wall swimming & broken vertebrae in neck & back
    *********mental anguish from not working out!!***************
    …so…how have I overcome these? As written in Rock and Ice magazine, "An injury is a chance to break ourselves of the same old training routines, which can create plateaus. After rest, your body will respond better when you return to training." So…be creative, do things that don't make it worse…work one step at a time, one burpee at a time! YEAH BURPEE! STAY STRONG!!

  2. dan thacker

    Great post for the new year! It is important to step back and deeply consider. If you are not accomplishing your goals, find out why. If you are, bask in your glory and think of the next goal. Accept that certain things are beyond your control. Also accept there is more that you can control. Little things mean alot. Nothing is trivial when it comes to health, fitness, and well being. Seize opporunity, take advantage of resources, and have a great 2009.

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